Agile Waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall in Government Contacts

Agile vs Waterfall for Innovation in Government Contacts Scrum-Fall Hybrid Scrum and Waterfall Scrum-Fall is a hybrid system development methodology that combines the best of the Agile Scrum methodology with the best practices of the Waterfall methodology. When we consider government IT projects, we have to introduce a new and improved development methodology that is capable of successfully tackling the challenges presented by them. Waterfall with innovations? The Waterfall methodology possesses some significant drawbacks due to the complex and ever-changing parameters of modern software development. For example, the Waterfall methodology limits the design of the final product entirely to the initial stages of the project. It does not offer any flexibility thereafter. Thus, it builds upon various assumptions about user requirements that eventually turn out to be wrong. The Waterfall… Read More »Agile vs Waterfall in Government Contacts

Microservices Architecture

Benefits of the Microservices Architecture by Refactoring to AWS Kubernetes containers

Benefits of the Microservices Architecture The Microservices Architecture has become quite the buzzword, with many large organizations adopting some form of it to power their applications which cater to millions of users every day. Some of the biggest names like NetFlix, eBay, Amazon, and Spotify, have either migrated their legacy applications to Microservice-based applications or built them from scratch in a modular fashion. The Microservices Architecture refers to a development concept that moves applications from large monolithic designs to modular services often called refactoring. The point is to keep each module lightweight and scalable. It is also possible to convert or refactor monolithic applications into a Microservice-based architecture. Component-based Isolation The main characteristic of Microservices Architecture is that applications are built as multiple small components. Components can be created with… Read More »Benefits of the Microservices Architecture by Refactoring to AWS Kubernetes containers