CLIN 102 Security Coordinator

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Security Coordinator on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ coordinates, develops, and evaluates security programs for an organization.

Security Coordinator on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ is responsible for developing and implementing the protection plans for lives and properties in a residence or a business. They usually act behind the scene, constantly monitoring and providing necessary information to the security guards tasked with the physical protection of that facility or geographical area, including residential communities, hospitals, entertainment houses, educational facilities, medical and research centers, corporate offices and government buildings. Security coordinators are the ones tasked with setting up strategic plans, give the security guards the necessary training, and place them in their appropriate points of duty. Coordinate, develop, and evaluate security programs for an organization, a household or a geographical area. Have good communication skills and are able to communicate effectively with the security personnel under them. Communicate security plans and policies to the appropriate management personnel and their team to ensure appropriate inputs from all stakeholders. Possess wide knowledge of different technical equipment and a sound understanding of safety procedures. Maintain constant communication with local authorities, such as police authority, emergency services, and firefighters. Have a minimum of bachelor’s degree and other equivalent degrees in police science and criminal justice and are experienced as members of the military service por police service. Conduct, support and drive the implementation of SCM programs including crisis management, physical security, office safety, fire protection, and emergency preparedness, and so on. Carry out security assessments of a place and prepare security plans in case of emergencies. Accomplish security goals by recruiting and training security agents, use different sophisticated equipment for surveillance, develop and implement procedures for security, and liaise with the appropriate authority punish trespassers. Ensure they’re working appropriately and carry out security changes relating to employee termination.


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