CLIN 137 Web Project Manager

$116.73 / Per Hour

Web Project Manager on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ serves as project manager of a development team responsible for planning, developing, and deploying websites including preparation of text, graphics, audio, and video for web pages. Works directly with partners and clients to determine project scope and specifications. Coordinates the work of design and development teams to implement online designs. Reviews progress, manages resources, and ensures overall quality of completed website. Typically requires experience in management and understanding of web technologies.

Web Project Manager on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ are project managers of development teams that are responsible for planning, developing, and deploying website projects, including web texts, graphics, audios, and videos for web pages. In collaboration with the Web Operations Manager, work with clients and partners to determine web project scope, requirements, and specifications. Consult subject matter specialists that are relevant to the project in developing project plans, approach, strategy, timeline, requirements, and costs. Review web project processes, manage resources, and ensure overall quality of organizational web service delivery. Coordinate the work of design and development teams to implement online designs. Work with the internal team, external vendors, and clients in ensuring that contracts are honored and expectations about web projects are met within agreed timeframe and budget. Responsible for planning the life cycle of a project, assess the project’s progress and also make necessary modifications. Responsible for web project staff planning, staff training, staff duty coordination, and staff mentoring. Responsible for product and service delivery through all organizational web platforms. Make provision for implementation of the best online web services and ensure that the project requirements set by the organization are met. May have certifications or be experienced in business management, project management, marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, and so on. Require experience with web technologies and web page design. Experience in SEO policies and standards are paramount. Possess excellent analytical, creative, communication, imaginative, problem-solving, and leadership skills with proper attention to details. Develop and implement quality web operations solutions by validating project requirements and parameters; developing and implementing project test plans, and maintaining proper project documentation and progress report. Stay abreast of project management and technological advancements through professional networking and educational opportunities with the hope of seeking new ways to improve organizational web efficiency.


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  1. Contracting Officer (verified owner)

    Consistent, responsive, and on top of all aspects of the project.

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