CLIN 23 Data Security Administration Manager

$112.53 / Per Hour

Data Security Administration Manager on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ directs and implements the necessary controls and procedures to cost-effectively protect information systems assets from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure, or destruction. Provides guidance and direction for the physical protection of information systems assets to other functional units. Provides reports to superiors regarding effectiveness of data security and makes recommendations for the adoption of new procedures. Assigns work to subordinates, monitors performance, and conducts performance appraisals. Interviews and makes recommendations for additional staff.

Data Security Administration Manager GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ are responsible for all security protocols related to the organization’s information infrastructure. They work with network administrators to track security vulnerabilities in the information exchange network to ensure that these system vulnerabilities are effectively addressed. They implement security measures and applications designed to mitigate the risk of harmful infiltration of the information sharing and Internet file sharing structure. Monitor and develop Malware, Trojan, and Virus-detection applications; perform an analysis of the information-sharing architecture; and test vulnerabilities. Data Security Administration Manager look for new anti-hack applications and test their effectiveness against network and enterprise security protocols. Information security officials create and implement policies, protocols, and procedures; and create and submit reports based on a risk-sharing network. Have degrees in cyber security, computer science or any other related field. Proficient in database programming languages such as ORACLE, SQL, Postgre-SQL, Transact-SQL, SYBASE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); and other relevant computer programming languages such as MySQL, jQuery, Oracle, Java Script, Angular, CSS, HTML 5, Apache, Node.js, Beans, Postgre, Python, C, C++, and so on. Expert and experienced in IT Security, IT Infrastructure, data analysis, and so on. Ensure the effectiveness of data security and make recommendations to management on ways for information systems security improvement. Experience in working with the physical security layer, as well as understanding how to develop a security plan, coordinate with appropriate personnel, implement security measures, and monitor the IT environment for potential threats. Knowledgeable about networks and internet security and protects information systems from illegal data modification, information disclosure, and information storage destruction. Carry out authentication, access control, firewalls, disaster prevention and recovery, intrusion detection, encryption, and data integrity analysis. Defend the systems against unauthorized access, perform vulnerability assessments, and survey networks. Monitor network traffic for unusual activity and configure and support security tools such as firewalls, antivirus software, patch management systems, and so on. Implement network security policies, application security, access control and corporate data protection. Analyze and create security requirements for the networks; train employees in security awareness and procedures; develop and update business continuity and disaster recovery protocols; conduct security audits and make policy recommendations; and provide technical security advice.


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  1. Contract Specialist (verified owner)

    CCT’s work has mitigated our security concerns and our systems are more efficient and stable. Job well done!

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