CLIN 31 Database Administrator

$103.00 / Per Hour

Database Administrator on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ participates in the design, creation, and maintenance of computerized databases. Responsible for quality control and auditing of databases to ensure accurate and appropriate use of data. Works with management to develop database strategies to support company needs. Consults with and advises users on access to various databases. Works directly with users to resolve data conflicts and inappropriate data usage. Directs the maintenance and use of the corporate data dictionary. Typically requires two to four years of experience.

Database Administrator on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ control the development of an organization’s database to make important data available only to users with authorized access. They work closely with IT administrators to tailor database solutions to the needs of the company. System database administrators monitor the technical aspects of database management, including code debugging, performance optimization, and software updates. Typical daily tasks for database administrators include protecting organizational data, recovering lost data, creating new user permissions, testing changes, merging old databases, and applying them. Monitor the organization’s database systems to ensure efficient and error-free operation. Have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, information resource management or any other related field, among other certifications. Have extensive knowledge of relational database theory, database administration, data modeling, data analysis, repository creation, data architecture, and so on. Proficient in database programming languages such as ORACLE, SQL, Postgre-SQL, Transact-SQL, SYBASE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); and other relevant computer programming languages such as MySQL, jQuery, Oracle, Java Script, Angular, CSS, HTML 5, Apache, Node.js, Beans, Postgre, Python, C, C++, and so on. Have exceptional experience in developing codes, quality assurance testing, RDBMS management, database monitoring, database queries, database design, and dimensional modeling techniques. Have in-depth understanding of distributed computing architectures such as Client–server models and all known computer operating systems such as Windows or Linux. Have in-depth understanding of all known storage and networking technologies. Have in-depth understanding of tools used for routine maintenance and database disaster recovery. Coordinate the determination of the organization’s data storage requirements, the installation and upgrade of the database server and its application tools, the modification of the database structure as necessary using the information given by application developers, the enrollment of database users, and the maintenance of database security system. Ensure compliance with database vendor license agreement, control and monitor user access to the database, monitor and optimize the performance of the database, plan for backup and recovery of database information, maintain archived data, contact database vendor for technical support, manage and monitor data replication, and act as liaison with users.


Cloud Computing Technologies

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  1. Contract Specialist (verified owner)

    Cloud Computing Technologies worked wonders in tailoring their database administration services to the needs of our agency. We now have highly-efficient and error-free database operations and all thanks to CCT.

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