CLIN 33 Database Analyst Programmer Senior

$90.59 / Per Hour

Database Analyst Programmer Senior on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ under general direction, designs, implements and maintains complex database with respect to JCL, access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, protection and security, documentation and statistical methods. Includes maintenance of database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures and integration of systems through database design. Competent to work at the highest level of all phases of database management. Requires three years experience in the field.

Database Analyst Programmer Senior on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ examine information using data analysis tools. The significant results they get from raw data help their employers or customers to make important decisions when they identify different facts and trends. They create database assignments to transform data from multiple systems; configure connectivity to data sources, customize database packages to meet business needs, and create custom databases to meet all organizational goals. Provide guidance and monitor the works of the intermediate database analysts, interns and other subordinate staffs. Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems or information technology among other certifications. Have extensive knowledge of relational database theory, database administration, data modeling, data analysis, database design, repository creation, data architecture, data warehouse modeling, database management reporting, and so on. Proficient in database programming languages such as ORACLE, SQL, Postgre-SQL, Transact-SQL, SYBASE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); and other relevant computer programming languages such as MySQL, jQuery, Oracle, Java Script, Angular, CSS, HTML 5, Apache, Node.js, Beans, Postgre, Python, C, C++; and high-level applications such as Server Reporting Services (SRS), Tableau, Pentaho, Matillion, and so on. Have exceptional experience in developing codes, quality assurance testing, RDBMS management, database monitoring, database queries, database design, and dimensional modeling techniques. Experienced with Amazon Web Services and other secured cloud providers. Have the ability to use advanced computerized models to extract needed data and to analyze, model and interpret data. Perform technical analysis to assess the quality of aggregated data. Design, implement, and maintain complex database with respect to JCL, access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, protection, security, documentation, and statistical methods. Establish a data governance strategy, develop rules and guidelines to ensure high data quality and good management of data, extract traditional and large amounts of data from multiple external and internal sources, and clean up the data to create a solid foundation for future prospects for the organization. Mix descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analysis to analyze the causes; identify trends and predict their expected development; train end users so they can get the most out of the analytics solution in their daily work; and apply data science with its machine learning and deep learning techniques to find hidden patterns and dependencies to create probabilistic models.


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    Our database management operations have never been so simplified! Cloud Computing Technologies did a perfect job in handling our database analysis and programming tasks. Great job!

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