CLIN 37 Documentation Specialist Intermediate

$35.92 / Per Hour

Documentation Specialist Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ under general supervision, prepares and/or maintains systems, programming, and operations documentation, including user manuals. Maintains a current internal documentation library. Competent to work on most phases of documentation.

Documentation Specialist Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ are responsible for writing, rewriting, and editing of technical documents such as technical procedure manuals, user manuals, programming and service manuals, operating specifications, and related technical publications to convey clear and effective technical information for a wide audience. They create, format, and update marketing materials and document company policies or procedures as needed. Have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems or information technology, amongst other certifications. Comprehend and experienced in all relevant documentation styles and procedures, with advanced understanding of technical writing conventions. Have excellent writing and communication skills with the ability to clearly communicate complex technical data. Have ability to utilize multiple desktop publishing applications including Microsoft office and Microsoft excel. Have knowledge of the basic interface control document, drawing, and schematic. Have the ability to edit, proofread and implement in-line changes. Have advanced document layout and formatting skills. Experts at maintaining records of all corrections and revisions made to documentation prior to delivery; collaborate and confer with stakeholders to document subject material and technical specifications; research, propose and implement customer-specific documentation solutions; and Initiate improvements in documentation methods. Display consistent, advanced time-management ability; comply with and improve upon document control management processes; standardize organizational documentation; and monitor user feedback. Manage multiple projects with strict adherence to all deadlines.


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