CLIN 38 Documentation Specialist Senior

$52.60 / Per Hour

Documentation Specialist Senior on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ under general supervision, is responsible for preparing and/or maintaining systems, programming, and operations documentation, procedures, and methods including user manuals and reference manuals. Maintains a current internal documentation library. Provides or coordinates special documentation services as required. Competent to work at the highest level of all phases of documentation. May act as project leader for large positions.

Documentation Specialist Senior on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ work in a variety of industries and offer a variety of services. Although their methods may vary depending on the type of organization they work for, their work remains essentially the same – keeping and maintaining documents and managing their storage, archiving, and retrieval. They can also review documents before they are sent to customers or archived. Work in a documentation team or specialize in a particular type of document, such as contracts or medical documentation. Have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, computer information systems, management information systems or information technology, amongst other certifications. Comprehend and experienced in all relevant documentation styles and procedures, with advanced understanding of technical writing conventions. Have excellent writing and communication skills with the ability to clearly communicate complex technical data. Have ability to utilize multiple desktop publishing applications including Microsoft office and Microsoft excel. Have knowledge of the basic interface control document, drawing, and schematic. Have the ability to edit, proofread and implement in-line changes. Have advanced document layout and formatting skills and experienced in data organization and storage. Detail-oriented and extremely capable of working with very large volume of document in a short space of time, making them ideal for banks, hospitals and other fast-paced organizations. Control all the documents entering or leaving an organization, maintain paper files, electronic files, as well as databases. Enter, organize, and retrieve information from systems the organization’s use. Help in providing adequate guidance to the junior and intermediate documentation specialists as well as interns and I.T students. Involved in other administrative tasks that may include filing, fixing, scanning, conducting information research, and doing data entry.


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