CLIN 4 Business Process Consultant

$122.01 / Per Hour

Business Process Consultant on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ responsible for most complex systems process analysis, design, and simulation. Requires highest-level understanding of organization?s business systems and industry requirements. Focus is on process analysis and re-engineering, with an understanding of technical problems and solutions as they relate to the current and future business environment. Creates process change by integrating new processes with existing ones and communicating these changes to impacted Business Systems teams. Recommends and facilitates quality improvement efforts. May lead re-engineering team and act as project manager in some cases.

Business Process Consultant on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ helps businesses by analyzing the processes and operations that a business implement. After this analysis, they provide solutions and recommendations to improve these processes and systems, therefore increasing the overall efficiency of the business. Provide solutions and advises to a business organization to improve its productivity. Have degrees in business administration, economics, statistics, marketing or other relevant certification. Expert and experienced in Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Strategy, Data Analysis, Business Process Engineering, Microsoft Office Proficiency, and so on. Define business vision, strategic goals, directions, and performance drivers. Determine and identify some key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow the management to measure its business performance as a whole. Identify external and internal business events and describe the triggers that can cause the business to achieve the desired results. Help to identify technical problems within the business operating processes and develop plausible solutions to overcome these problems. Implement tasks that help the business achieve its objectives including staffing, mentoring, team-building, factory setup, supply and distribution evaluation, and cost and revenue evaluation. Assist in the development and implementation of a business plan. Accurately document workflow and operations and make the business more efficient and consistent. Give accurate picture of current operations and view gaps in operating systems in a bid to see where the easiest improvements to make are and identify redundant operations that can be eliminated through business process re-engineering. Search for tasks that can be automated with process automation to make work processes run faster and easier. Develop plans to integrate new and effective processes with the existing business processes to improve its overall effectiveness and efficiency.


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  1. Contract Specialist (verified owner)

    Business process consultants at CCT are very helpful. They analyze our operations and discovered new efficiencies in our workflow. We’re sure to call you guys again!

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