CLIN 41 Electronic Data Interchange Specialist

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Electronic Data Interchange Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ provides support for EDI database analysis, design, and operations. Establishes and maintains communications within organization and with partners. Conducts and managers product evaluations. Provides product installation, configuration, and training. Performs systems maintenance to update records, specifications, and operating procedures of partner systems. Maintains EDI account transaction activities. Frequently reports to an Electronic Data Interchange Manager.

Electronic Data Interchange Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ are professionals in data exchange. They help in organizing and creating applications, interfaces, and programs for organizations. Responsible for maintaining, testing, and upgrading applications and maps that distribute data. Create guidelines and implement the means to exchanging data with other trading partners and consultants. Have Bachelor’s degrees in Computer science, IT or other related fields. Have extensive knowledge of relational database theory, database administration, data modeling, data analysis, database design, repository creation, data architecture, data warehouse modeling, database management reporting, and so on. Proficient in database programming languages such as ORACLE, SQL, Postgre-SQL, Transact-SQL, SYBASE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); and other relevant computer programming languages such as MySQL, jQuery, Oracle, Java Script, Angular, CSS, HTML 5, Apache, Node.js, Beans, Postgre, Python, C, C++; and high-level applications such as Server Reporting Services (SRS), Tableau, Pentaho, Matillion, and so on. Expert and experienced in data communications methods systems such as VAN, FTP, and AS2. Develop and coordinate the implementation of new EDI methods and systems and improve old ones. Establish data communication and trading partner routings, including online orders and fulfillment systems and resolve trading partner’s technical problems involving EDI. Audit the quality of data, provide security and backup for them, and ensure system recovery processes are in place. Identify gaps in the supply chain system and provide recommendations on where EDI records will be helpful in automating these systems. Capable of fixing code and data problems according to user’s needs and develop strategies for internet-based interchange capabilities. Responsible for designing and analyzing specifications used for extensions and enhancements in EDI interfaces, applications, and mappings. Involve in all EDI upgrades, testing, and implementations. Serve as the link between the organizations and other data trading partners to develop specifications and guidelines for data exchange. Oversee the day to day running of the business in terms of establishing links with trading partners, scrutinizing data exchanged with partners, observing data records critically to check for any errors, and correcting them. Work effectively with employees at all cadres of their organization to provide proper support and appropriate data exchange within the organization. Assist in testing processes to interpret and observe messages received and provide updates to their supervisors.


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    We recently developed an advanced platform for data exchange in our organization through the services offered by Cloud Computing Technologies. The results were really good!

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