CLIN 44 ERP Business Architectural Specialist

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Business Architectural Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ adapts functional business requirements and processes to technical solutions based upon comprehensive enterprise application solution sets. Enterprise resource planning and management processes, including but not limited to: knowledge management, investment analysis, data warehousing, e-commerce, return on investment analysis, human resource analysis, material management and logistics, supply chain management, procurement, ordering, manufacturing, decision support, and information dissemination.

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ERP Business Architectural Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ are concerned with developing and enhancing the resource control capabilities of the organization for every project embarked upon in line with the company’s business strategy, as well as contributing to the strategy and business plans. This also includes designing capacity models and resource solutions relating to business tasks, mapping internal and external resource functions, setting business transformation plans in conjunction with senior business management, and handling business solutions for efficient and operational business resource activities. For each step of the business resource transformation plan, ERP Business Specialists contribute to developing a project outline to enhance mutual understanding among every department in the organization and align strategic goals with tactical requirements. They have Bachelor’s degrees in computer science, information technology, business administration or any other relevant fields. Adapt functional system requirements and processes to comprehensive technical solutions that promote efficiency. Coordinate enterprise resource planning and management processes, including knowledge management, investment analysis, data warehousing, e-commerce, profit analysis, supply chain management and logistics, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and information dissemination. Have in-depth knowledge of all ERP functions and strong business transformation skills. Have strong written and oral communication skills. Proficient in every modern ERP system applications and software. Have excellent collaborative skills that can bring ERP objectives to fruition. Provide detailed study reports on current business processes and their alignment with the functions and processes corresponding to the ERP plans of the business or organization. Coordinate all the resource-planning of the organization by helping with the selection and implementation of the necessary ERP system and ERP software to meet the organization’s needs. The role revolves around the organization’s functional and technical needs in order to build a successful foundation for resource-planning. Define the ERP unit’s needs to enhance organizational efficiency (accounting, human resources, sales, production, distribution, supply, etc.) and identify technical components (servers, networks, software, clients, etc.) in resource-control planning, budgeting, and reporting.


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