CLIN 53 Help Desk Specialist

$58.57 / Per Hour

Help Desk Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ provides support to end users on a variety of issues. Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems. Responds to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support. Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem to ensure a timely resolution.

Help Desk Specialist on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ provide technical support for customers who experience computer and software issues. They respond to queries, isolate problems, and implement solutions. Responsible for providing technical assistance and support related to computer systems hardware or software; respond to queries; run diagnostic programs; isolate the problem; and identify and implement the solution. Work with other members of the Help Desk team to ensure optimal satisfaction of the needs of customers, clients, suppliers, staff, and the organization’s management. May have bachelor’s degrees in Public relations, computer science, Public Administration or any other certifications in related fields. Possess advanced knowledge of computer systems, including circuit boards, memory modules, and processors. Have knowledge and understanding of computer software systems, including databases, office applications, operating systems, help desk programs, and remote access systems. Have excellent analytical and diagnostic skills, with the ability to troubleshoot complex hardware and software problems. Have experience helping customers on the phone, live chat, email, social media, and via web forms. Provide technical assistance and support for incoming inquiries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware. Respond to inquiries, either in person or over the phone; write training manuals; maintain the daily performance of computer systems; respond to emails of customers who request for help; ask relevant questions to determine the nature of the problem; and walk clients through a problem-solving process. Clean computers and run diagnostic programs to solve technical problems with local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and other systems. Install computer accessories for users, follow up with customers to ensure the best performance is achieved, earn customer feedback about computer usage, run reports to identify malfunctions that still occur, talk to clients through basic problem-solving processes, and provide basic technical training to all groups of end users.


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  1. Purchasing Agent (verified owner)

    Our Agency used Help Desk Specialists from CCT to respond to our customers’ queries and implement end users’ solutions. Their methods have minimized our time to resolution more than any other strategy.

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