CLIN 54 Help Desk Support Services Specialist Intermediate

$69.17 / Per Hour

Help Desk Support Services Specialist Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ under general supervision, provides second-tier support to end users for either PC, server, or mainframe applications and hardware. Handles problems that the first-tier of help desk support is unable to resolve. May interact with network services, software systems engineering, and/or applications development to restore service and/or identify and correct core problem. Simulates or recreates user problems to resolve operating difficulties. Recommends systems modifications to reduce user problems. Maintains currency and high level of technical skill in field of expertise. Escalates more complex problems to senior level.

Help Desk Support Services Specialist Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ within the organization is to provide assistance and maintenance of all computer systems and devices. Their duties may include installing, configuring, and updating computer hardware and software, as well as repairing any hardware issues that may arise daily. Most Help Desk Support Specialist or Technical Support Professionals work in two ways: providing help and support to the company itself or to external clients from the help desk or by phone at the call center. Depending on the size of the company, the technical support specialist’s work may span many areas of expertise or only one. For example, some companies use technical support professionals to work on computers or mobile devices, while others may ask their employees to tend to all kinds of end user requests. May have bachelor’s degrees in Public relations, Public Administration or any other certifications in related fields. Have knowledge and understanding of computer software systems, including databases, office applications, operating systems, help desk programs, and remote access systems. Have excellent analytical and diagnostic skills, with the ability to troubleshoot complex hardware and software problems using analytical and process-oriented approach. Have experience helping customers on the phone, live chat, email, social media, and via web forms. Support recording and processing of calls, as well as the installation and configuration of computers, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners. Plan and perform scheduled maintenance upgrades and solve sign in and password problems. Talk to customers and other computer users to determine the nature of any problems they face. Respond to meltdowns and investigate, diagnose and solve computer software and hardware errors. May interact with network service providers, software systems engineers, and/or applications developers to restore service and/or identify and correct core service problems. Simulate or recreate user problems and recommend systems modifications to reduce user problems. Escalate more complex problems to the senior level.


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