CLIN 70 LAN Administrator Intermediate

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LAN Administrator Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ under general supervision, responsible for the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and usage of the organization?s local area network. Manages LAN performance and maintains LAN security. Ensures that security procedures are implemented and enforced. Installs all network software. Evaluates, develops and maintains telecommunications systems. Troubleshoots LAN problems. Establishes and implements LAN policies, procedures, and standards and ensures their conformance with information systems and organization objectives. Trains users on LAN operation. Typically requires two to four years of experience. Frequently reports to a PC support manager or Senior LAN Administrator.

LAN Administrator Intermediate on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ installs, configures and maintains the local area network (LAN) of an organization or household that connects computers and other network-dependent equipment in a specific geographical location and allows everyone in that location to perform numerous activities together on the network server. The duties of a LAN administrator depend on the size of the organization he works with and can range from network updates and maintenance, overseeing network switches and working with other network administrators or IT specialists to make decisions on hardware and software upgrades and purchases. Have degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, Network Administration and other related fields. May also have numerous other certifications in the cyber security and data protection field such as CompTIA. Have working knowledge of operating systems, Windows or Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Windows Server, Linux, Unix, as well as Microsoft Office suite applications. Have extensive knowledge of relational database theory, database administration, data modeling, data analysis, database design, repository creation, data architecture, data warehouse modeling, database management reporting, business management, management engineering, systems engineering, operations research, and so on. Proficient in LAN/WAN systems, LAN/WAN environments, LAN/WAN connections, and LAN/WAN network components, including Firewalls, Routers, and other networking products and devices. Monitor local network performance in order to know which network software and hardware should be installed, replaced or upgraded. Responsible for LAN security and generally decide which network security software and hardware the organization needs. Run and monitor the LAN script for computer backups and restoration. Responsible for the installation and management of remote access technologies in the organization or household and provide solutions to problems that arise at any time.


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    I contracted a team of LAN Administrators from CCT for our agency and they did a wonderful job. We will contract again in the nearest future.

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