CLIN 83 Network Planning Manager

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Network Planning Manager on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ responsible for long-term strategic planning to ensure network capacity meets current and future network requirements including planning for remote hardware and communications facilities, development and implementation of methodologies for system analysis, installation, and support. Defines and develops methodology to ensure compatibility of all software and hardware products at each facility. Provides ongoing coordination in the analysis, acquisition, and installation of remote hardware and software. May supervise Network Planning Analysts. Typically requires six to eight years of experience. Frequently reports to a Telecommunications Department Director/Manager or Planning and Engineering Manager.

Network Planning Managers on GSA STARS II Small Business IDIQ spend time to understand a organization’s current and future network needs, consumption trends, seasonal variations and peaks, and then develop and implement the strategic goals for optimizing the existing network system. They ensure that critical business applications have the necessary network resources at all times, regardless of the geographic location, the data centers and network links they operate, while eliminating or reducing network and application errors. May have degrees in Computer science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, Engineering, Network Administration or any other related field. Have extensive knowledge of relational database theory, database administration, data modeling, data analysis, database design, repository creation, data architecture, data warehouse modeling, database management reporting, business management, management engineering, systems engineering, operations research, and so on. May be proficient in database programming languages such as ORACLE, SQL, Postgre-SQL, Transact-SQL, SYBASE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); and other relevant computer programming languages such as MySQL, jQuery, Oracle, Java Script, Angular, CSS, HTML 5, Apache, Node.js, Beans, Postgre, Python, Bash, VBScripts, C, C++, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, and so on. Collaborate with a planning team for designing network infrastructure. Update and maintain key performance indicators (KPI) and report on the results to team members, executives, stakeholders and senior management personnel. Experienced in key industries such as telecommunications, networking, cloud technologies, IT technologies and visualization technologies. Familiar with Routing (OSPF and BGP), FW configuration, FCOE, MPLS, VMware ESX, Layer 2 Ethernet, Wireless networking, Servers and Storage Area Networks. Proficient in network engineering, managing operating systems, computing infrastructure, configuration and administration of Data center compute servers and enterprise-class and software-defined storage systems. Perform regular assessment of networking systems and optimize the design backbone. Design business plans and budgetary plan for developing and maintaining the network every fiscal year. Recommend and implement network system upgrades based on the organization’s network requirements and the approved budget. View traffic patterns across all networks and all hosts (physical or virtual) and use it to plan for optimized network capacity and resources for improved network performance. Stay abreast of current and future networking trends and networking technologies and then use the information to upgrade the network systems such as the network performance monitoring systems and network management systems. Provide system administration of network, web, and/or communications systems, including Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) systems, involving network security. Network Planning Managers prepare technical implementation plans that provide integrated solutions including actions, milestones, timelines, and critical paths required for complete solutions.


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    I am happy to recommend CCT’s 8(a) STARS II contract for any agency looking for highly competent contractor for Network implementations.

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